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Dee Van Houten

Dee Van Houten

Warrenton, VA


Artist Dee Van Houten has had individual exhibitions and works accepted in many juried art competitions, winning numerous awards for her paintings and drawings. She was included in "American Artist of Renown," an honor accorded contemporary American artists for the exceptional quality and professionalism of their work. Her art is represented in collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Exotic birds, tropical fish, sensual florals, the elegant female form and other wildlife are subjects that find their way into my imagination and finally into my art work. I capture my subjects with graceful fluid lines, unifying decoration and aesthetics. My artistic expression blends curvilinear stylization with traditional realism as seen in the delicately detailed, ethereal Art Nouveau paintings.

My art work is characterized by visually appealing themes that create a sense of fascination and intrigue. The design process is established by my particular use of interesting shapes, spatial relationships, color placement and unusual perspectives. In a lot of my art, I paint parts of my subjects floating outside of the picture plane, which I feel, gives the painting more movement and flow. Techniques developed over the years have led me to become versatile in my use of mediums. Though I paint primarily in watercolor and gouache (opaque watercolor), other mediums I use include oil, pen & ink, colored pencil and graphite.

Dee creates original fine art such as paintings on canvas, illustration board and glass. Her newest works are stain glass paintings where she uses special paints to create a painting that looks like stained glass. These new paintings are one-of-a-kind, and the originals will be sold on this website in the near future. Limited edition-prints, giclee prints and whimsical holiday greeting cards are also offered for sale.


"I've collected Dee Van Houten's art work for 23 years, and its STILL not enough! I own 17 pieces and though I'm running out of wall space, I'll hang her fanciful, bright, uniquely creative works of sheer joy from the CEILING if I have to! Everything from her whimsical animals and 'garden moments' to her Art Nouveau style women and thematic dance art engages the eye and delights the heart. She has a gift - treat yourself and share in" J.N., Attorney, Virginia

"Dee Van Houten's art is a testimony of her insight into the art of expression, as seen with her use of color, form and subject. Her fish swim through a myriad of muted, watery colors, her birds sing with the joy of life, and her dancers are powerful and extend the boundaries of perception. Dee has been expressing herself through a variety of mediums on a 2D surface for over 20 years, and she is a master of interpretation." M.O., Art Teacher; Toronto Canada.

"I love my Mardi Gras poster that Dee designed. I have it hanging in my office right above my desk so I can see it every day. Each time I look at it, I see something new. The whimsical detail and artistry are fun and uplifting even on the toughest days. I feel blessed to know someone so talented!" J.T., Senior Editor, Virginia

With over 20 years experience as a traditional fine art painter, designer and illustrator, I feel I can offer anyone from collectors to people who love art, beautiful, detailed work that is high quality and affordable. Your purchase is a very personal one and should be chosen with what feels good to you based on colors and subjects that you truly connect with. Buying a painting or print of my art is not only an investment, but a work of art that you will most likely live with for many years to come; therefore, you should be very happy with your purchase!


January Reflections in Blues by Dee Van Houten


Blushing Stripes by Dee Van Houten


Zebras Of A Different Color by Dee Van Houten


A Face In The Crowd by Dee Van Houten


Lost In The Crowd by Dee Van Houten


Elephant Party by Dee Van Houten


Noah's Ark by Dee Van Houten


Giclee - Flamingos by Dee Van Houten


Puffin Rock by Dee Van Houten


Six Flamingos by Dee Van Houten


Puffin Talk by Dee Van Houten


Crazy For Toucans by Dee Van Houten


Rockhoppers by Dee Van Houten


Tropical Feathers by Dee Van Houten


Lovebirds by Dee Van Houten


Gouldian Finches by Dee Van Houten


Color Rhythms by Dee Van Houten


Underwater Colors by Dee Van Houten


Who Are All These Clowns? by Dee Van Houten


Underwater Impressions by Dee Van Houten


Yellow Jewels by Dee Van Houten


Tulip Serenade by Dee Van Houten


A Floral Line by Dee Van Houten


Blooming Tulip Colors by Dee Van Houten


Floral Jewels by Dee Van Houten


Rock Garden by Dee Van Houten


Fragrant Garden by Dee Van Houten


Mountainview by Dee Van Houten


Mountain Springtime by Dee Van Houten


Sailing by Dee Van Houten


January Reflections by Dee Van Houten


Carmel, California by Dee Van Houten


Golden Hills by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Pinot Noir Vineyard by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Goddess of Astrology by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Lilies by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Cala Lilies by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Snowdrops by Dee Van Houten


Art Nouveau Roses by Dee Van Houten


Koala Bears by Dee Van Houten


Lovebirds by Dee Van Houten


Cockatiel Wedding Shower by Dee Van Houten


Mermaid by Dee Van Houten


Whimsical Bird by Dee Van Houten


Butterfly Love by Dee Van Houten


Spiritual Moon by Dee Van Houten


Spiritual Sun by Dee Van Houten


Butterfly Love by Dee Van Houten